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Step Your Game Up, LLC firmly believes in doing everything you can to put yourself in a position to be successful. When it comes to academics, there are many things that can be done to improve grades. Step Your Grades Up by following these helpful tips:

* SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW!                                 Forget about what your "friends" think, holding back and not showing the full extent of your intelligence hurts you in the long run. Whether it's limiting your opportunities for future employment, not being able to attend the school of your choice, not being eligible or not being RECRUITABLE, worrying about not trying to be a "nerd" usually comes back to haunt you one way or another. 

* GO TO CLASS!                                                          School is not the mall, the block, the rec, or the club. You go to school to LEARN and to get an education, not to flirt, socialize, party, hang out or sport the latest gear. Skipping class is contagious, once you skip the first one, it gets easier and easier to skip additional classes. It also makes it harder to get back in the flow as you have to adjust to actually being back in class and then trying to follow the assignments and discussions that you have missed. 

* CLOWNS BELONG AT THE CIRCUS, NOT AT SCHOOL!                           Clowning around during class and trying to be funny, does nothing but make you look bad and gives others the impression that you aren't serious. Teachers are more likely to label you as a trouble maker and are less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt when you are constantly fooling around.  

* BE ON TIME!                                                            Although there may be issues beyond your control in getting to school on time, arriving to class on time is about discipline and effort. Discipline is needed to avoid hallway distractions in between classes and effort is needed when you may have to jog, run or SPRINT to be on time.  

* ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR TEACHER! Step Your They They They are not robots or room decoration, but actual people. They really appreciate it when you acknowledge that they exist instead of acting like they are invisible. A simple "Good Morning/Afternoon or Hi" Mr./Mrs. teacher's last name will do. Before class is best, but after class will work as well.

* FRONT AND CENTER!                                     Step Your Game Up, LLC      Sit in the front row, directly in front of your teacher. Once you overcome the shock and "not a chance" reaction to the last sentence, you will realize that there are several important reasons for doing this. You will be able to establish eye contact with your teacher, your teacher will view you as someone who is concerned about learning, it's more difficult to miss class knowing that you're teacher will be looking for you, and it eliminates distractions such as talking or looking out the window daydreaming.

COME TO CLASS PREPARED!       S   Step Your Game Up There There is nothing more frustrating for a teacher than when you come to class unprepared. It takes less than a minute to make sure you have a pen/pencil, books, notebook, paper, binder or other materials that you may need for class. Coming to class prepared is another opportunity to show that you are focused and serious about learning.   

* TAKE AND DATE NOTES!                                    Make sure that you take notes during each class. The lecture and discussion usually contains information that enhances what is being covered in the book. Write the date each time you take notes. Putting the date at the beginning of your notes, not only makes it easy to know where your notes begin and end, but it's also helpful when going back and trying to find a particular topic from a previous lecture.

* ASK FOR CLARITY!                                                             tyui   If you are If you are confused or aren't sure about something, ask your teacher to explain. Chances are, the clarification is not just going to automatically come to you. 

*DO HOMEWORK!                                                                                      Homework Homework is an excellent way to find out what you know and don't know. Areas that give you difficulty on homework, will give you difficulty on the test. Although teachers vary in the amount of homework they give and whether they check it, if it's assigned, DO IT. Also, in classes where homework is factored into your quarterly grade, it's an easy way to help boost your grade.

* REVIEW NOTES!                                                  Step Your Game Up, LLC         Review previous notes before the start of your next class. This allows you to refresh your memory and gets you ready for the lecture that is about to begin. 

* RAISE YOUR HAND!                                                  Make it a point to ask and answer a question in class at least twice a week. Teachers like to see that you are following along and paying attention. Asking and answering questions is a great way to do it. 

* GET EXTRA HELP!                                                                                          Teachers love it when you seek them out for extra help. Make it a point to see your teachers for extra help at least once every week and a half, if not sooner. Aside from showing that you're interested in doing well, it allows you to stay up to speed with what is going on.

* DON'T WAIT!                                                   Step Your Game Up                    Waiting Waiting and cramming to study the night before a test or quiz is a bad habit that should be avoided. Aside from the stress that comes from realizing there's too much information to study and too little time to study it, you are often drained and forget things you thought you knew the night before or morning of. Study small amounts in the days leading up to the test or quiz to insure that you learn the material and are able to produce it when it counts.   

* KEEP IT MOVING!                                                     When taking a test or quiz, do not spend too much time on things you don't know or can't remember. Answer the questions that you know first and then go back and spend time on the ones that give you difficulty.

* CHECK YOUR WORK!                                             You will be amazed at how many careless mistakes can be avoided by simply going over your test or quiz before you hand it in.

* DON'T PROCRASINATE!                                                                   Writing a good paper or report takes time. You need to plan. Once you get over the disappointment of learning that you have a paper or report to do, start thinking about when you should begin the process. Making an outline, getting the information to support or enhance your work, writing drafts, editing and proofreading all takes time. You will not produce a quality piece by hastily putting something together a day or two before the assignment is due. 

* SAVE TIME!                                                                                                         TakeTake Take notes during your reading assignments. This saves time when studying for tests as you simply study your notes instead of re-reading the assignments.