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* Research and investigate showcase events thoroughly as these events generate a lot of revenue for the people conducting them. It can be tempting, especially if there is little or no interest, to sign up to any and all events. However, depending on the showcase, the majority of coaches may be low DII and DIII coaches and the talent may be weak and watered down.


* Look into a camp very closely before signing up for it. It’s a good idea to attend a camp or two, but don’t overdue it. Some camps are great for exposure, some are great for skill development, and some are just for making money. 


* Arrange for SAT and/or ACT testing during the spring of junior year, fall of senior year, and the spring of senior year, if needed. Don't delay as taking the test once or late may result in a score not being high enough to qualify for a scholarship or being admitted to a school. It is also a good idea to hire a tutor or sign up for SAT/ACT prep classes as they usually result in higher scores.


* Speak with the school guidance counselor and get an official transcript! Also, authorize the guidance counselor to send the transcript to coaches that request it. 


* Date, organize, and keep all printed documents in a binder! Print out e-mails and include them as well.


* PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO PERSONAL ATTENTION! Make a note of phone calls, text messages, visits, and any other personal contact with a program. Include the coach's name and title. Date each contact and place it in the binder.


* Make a note if a coach or school invites you to an "Elite" or "Prospect" camp. These are more or less money makers for these programs, especially DIII schools. Serious interest will be more direct as the coaches would have seen enough of you not to invite you to an "Elite" or "Prospect" camp.


* Check for consistency with each communication and look for any changes in a coach's tone, message, or what is being said. Things change daily, so it's important to try and read the situation and interest level with every contact.


* Take note of coaches that go to games and the number of games they attend. If the head coach is in attendance, the INTEREST IS EXTREMELY HIGH!


* Look into a school's reputation, academic profile, graduation rates, and the courses they offer.


* Ask the coaches: What are the players' graduation rates? What majors have the players' chosen? What jobs do former players have or what are they doing now? Did any players fail off? Were any players ineligible at any point during their careers?


* Ask the coaches: Do players have freedom and control of their classes, major, and schedule or is it based around practice, games, and maintainning a certain GPA to stay eligible?


* Find out about study halls and tutors, especially if it's a DI or DII program that travels a lot. Being on the road and missing class time is tough to deal with and handle if the right mechanisms are not in place.


* Ask the recruiting coach: How long have you been here? How long do you plan on being here? Are you looking to leave? Will you be here for the next four years?


* Ask the coaches: How many recruits are you looking to bring in? How many players at each position are you recruiting? How much playing time will be available during the upcoming season?


* Ask the coaches: Are you bringing any transfers in? How many transfers are there currently on the team? Have any players transferred out within the last three to four years? If so, what was the reason? What school and level did they transfer to?


* Ask the coaches: What type of tempo, style of play, offense, and defense do you employ? How does that translate to me? How do you envision me fitting in? 


* Before you commit to a school or sign a National Letter of Intent (NLI), find out the financial package or type of scholarship that you will receive! What is said to you or what you interpret may not be what you get! Try to get a statement in writing so that there are not any surprises. Ask the coaches: Are there any plans for me to redshirt, greyshirt, or do a postgraduate year? There have been plenty of recruits who committed or signed their NLI, but ended up not being on the team their first year.